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GTB6-125 Series Mini Circuit Breaker
Rated main circuit current
Rated current
The rated voltage
GTB6-125 series mini circuit breaker is suitable for ac 50 hz, rated voltage 400 v and single-phase 230 v, rated current 125 a line, used for building and electrical equipment for short circuit protection, overload protection, can also be used in normal circumstances, for the use of lines do not frequent transformation. The product beautiful shape, small volume, light weight, reliable action, high breaking capacity, tripping, guide installation, combined modular design can quickly and auxiliary contacts, alarm indicator contact, undervoltage tripping device, shunt tripping device, such as accessory combination, meet the needs of different users, shell use high flame retardant and impact resistant plastic and components, long service life.

Standard: GB/T14048.2-2012(IEC60947-2)
Technical specification
Breaker frame size rated current: 125A
Breaking capacity: Ics: 7.5kA, Icu: 10kA
Rated current: 63A - 125A
Use category: Class A
Poles number: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
Rated impact withstand voltage Uimp: 6kV
Instantaneous tripping multiple: 10In
Installation method: Rail type
Certification: CCC
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