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The major service channels of the Ministry of Industry and Civil Construction are large branded housing enterprises and unit construction projects. 

The current housing companies that are cooperating are: Sino-Ocean Real Estate, Evergrande Real Estate, Greenland Group, China Resources Land, 

Zhongliang Real Estate, Country Garden and Helen Fort Real Estate. , Poly Real Estate, Hengfeng Real Estate, Agile Property and other well-known housing prices.

Power industry
With the support of national policies, the overall development of the power industry, etc., China's electric power industry has developed rapidly and the industry has a wide range of coverage. With the development of technology, power generation companies, power grid companies, and industrial companies with large demand for electricity have become increasingly demanding for the differentiation of intelligent, remote monitoring, and multi-functional power automation power supplies. The power supply industry has continued for a long time. Maintain a higher degree of prosperity.
Infrastructure area
Infrastructure construction involves various aspects of livelihood education such as culture and sports education, science and technology, health care, and administrative office. As China’s economy continues to grow, people’s demand for health, leisure, entertainment and other spiritual aspects will be higher and higher, but it is lagging behind developed countries and the phenomenon of uneven distribution. Take the medical and health aspects as an example. China's per capita medical resources are lower than those of developed countries, and the urban population has an average of 2.5 times more medical resources than the rural population (the three most abundant resources are Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin). Therefore, the center of gravity of the infrastructure construction industry will gradually shift to the second and third tier cities along with the “spillover effect” of the first-tier cities, thus driving the development of the infrastructure construction market in the second and third tier cities.
New energy field
In the face of increasingly severe environmental problems, the development of renewable energy has become a global consensus. In recent years, China’s new energy industry has continued to develop in recent years under policy support. The new energy sector has entered a phase of large-scale development and utilization, and capacity has led the world. Whether it is photovoltaic, wind power, or smart micro-network, it must ensure system security. Under the premise of stable operation, the overall power generation efficiency will be maximized, operating costs will be reduced, and ultimately the Internet will be realized at a low price. In the future, the focus of new energy industry development will focus on promoting technological progress and enhancing distributed use. Through technological innovation and layout adjustment, the new energy industry will continue to develop in a healthy and sustainable manner, and energy layout will continue to be optimized.
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