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2022.09Jubang Group's series products have obtained carbon footprint and carbon standard certification products
2022.08Jubang Group won the title of "Little Giant" at the national level
2022.06Zhejiang Jubang Electric Co., Ltd. was formally established
2022.04Jubang Group won three honorary titles in 2022: "Top Ten Brands of China's Environmentally Friendly Gas Cabinets", "Top 10 Enterprises of China's Primary and Secondary Fusion Complete Sets of On-Pole Circuit Breakers", and "China's Top 10 Enterprises of Primary and Secondary Fusion Complete Sets of Ring Cages"
2022.03Jubang Group won the "Wenzhou Demonstration New Field Women's Federation Organization"
2022.02Jubang Group won the titles of "Yueqing Top 50 Manufacturing Enterprises", "Provincial Invisible Champion Enterprises", and "Provincial Specialized Special New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"
2021.11The company was rated as "Wenzhou Green Factory", "Yueqing Green Factory" and other titles
2021.08Jubang Group was authorized to produce Schneider B cabinets
2021.07Jubang smart electric cloud platform launched
New long march
Resource integration and strategic transformation stage
2020.03Zhejiang Jubang Power Distribution Electric Research Institute was identified as a provincial enterprise research institute
2019.11Was rated as "National Market Quality Credit A Customer Satisfaction Enterprise"
2019.11Opening of postdoctoral workstation project
2019.10Jubang Group Co., Ltd. trade union general election
2019.08Zhao Minghao, director of the United Front Work Department of Yueqing City, investigated Jubang
2018.12Identified as a provincial enterprise technology center
2018.11The box-type switchgear was identified as "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product"
2018.11The Women's Federation of Jubang Group Co., Ltd. was established
2018.10Lean production project started
2018.07Was rated as an AAA-level "contract-honoring and credit-worthy" enterprise in Zhejiang Province
2018.07Was rated as "Secondary Enterprise of Safety Production Standardization"
2017.12Yueqing Mayor Quality Award
2017.11Enterprise development and investment attraction efficiency testing point
2017.08Fang Hui, Mayor of Yueqing Municipal People's Government, investigated Jubang
2016.12Jubang brand molded case circuit breaker was rated as "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product"
2016.10Approved to establish a provincial postdoctoral workstation
2016.09Was identified as "2016-2017 Wenzhou City Leading Industrial Enterprise"
2016.06The company was promoted to "Jubang Group Co., Ltd."
2015.11The signing ceremony for the scholarship donation of Jubang Electric Group was held at North China Electric Power University
2015.07Was identified as "2015 Zhejiang Province Management Innovation Pilot Enterprise"
2015.06Intelligent Electrical Design Center was rated as "Provincial Industrial Design Center"
2015.04The awarding ceremony of "Jubang Electric Scholarship" was held at Northeast Electric Power University
2015.01"Jubang" firm was rated as "Zhejiang Famous Firm"
2015.01"Jubang" trademark was continuously recognized as "Zhejiang Famous Brand"
2014.07The technology center was rated as "Wenzhou Enterprise Technology Center"
2013.08Promoted to "Jubang Electric Group Co., Ltd."
2012.12Passed clean production audit
2012.02Jubang graphic trademark won the "Zhejiang Famous Trademark"
2012.01Was rated as "Provincial SME Technology Center" in Zhejiang Province
2011.12The first expert workstation in Yueqing settled in Jubang
2011.10Passed the acceptance of "National Secondary Safety Production Standard Enterprise"
2011.10GTM9(E) series intelligent molded case circuit breaker was rated as "National Key Torch Program Project"
The stage of scientific and technological progress and management innovation
2009.12Located in the Yueqing Economic Development Zone, "Jubang Science and Technology Park" passed the acceptance and was put into use
2009.09Revision of the national standard "Circuit breakers with selective overcurrent protection for household and similar places"
2007.06Established Jubang Technology Co., Ltd.
2007.05Promoted to "National Non-Regional Company"
2006.09Established the "Science and Technology Association" of Zhejiang Jubang Electric Co., Ltd.
2005.01Established the "Communist Party of China Zhejiang Jubang Electric Co., Ltd. Branch Committee"
2004.05"Jubang Intelligent Electric Appliance Research Institute" was established at the same time in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and the company
2004.05Established "Zhejiang Jubang Electric Co., Ltd. Trade Union Committee"
2003.08China Quality Certification Center issued 3C compulsory certification to the company
2003.06The factory building in Xinguang Industrial Zone was completed and put into use
Brand promotion and group operation stage
2002.09Obtained ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification
2001.10Promoted to "Zhejiang Jubang Electric Co., Ltd."
1999.05Promoted to "Wenzhou Tianle Electric Co., Ltd."
Dream origin
Targeted development and scale expansion stage
1993.09Sep 1993 Established "Yueqing Tianle Electrical Switch Factory".
Committed to technological innovation
Make electricity supply more reliable, make electricity use more secure.
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